CROPICO DO4 Milli Oohm Meter

CROPICO DO4 Milli Oohm Meter

Producent: CROPICO

This portable digital ohmmeter is a practical instrument for low resistance measurement, ideal for use in the workshop, field or test facilities. It is of rugged construction contained in an aluminium case with tilt handle.

The DO4A has many advanced features, including protection up to 415 volts rms, digital calibration and long scale length, 4,000 count. The rechargeable sealed lead acid battery means real portability with more than 14 hours continuous operation, without the problems normally associated with other battery types. Full measurement capability is maintained whilst charging.



Portable digital ohmmeter with 415V protection

  • 10 micro ohm resolution on 40 milli ohm range
  • Input protection up to 415 Volts rms
  • 6 push button ranges 40 milli ohm… 4 kilo ohm with long scale length